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Good Ideas:
The real danger is not that computers will start to think like men, BUT that men will start to think like computers. Lets get rid of computers for ever!!
Owner: Who cares

Owner: No one owns this ide

Beer Routing Protocol We need to get this RFC published ASAP
Owner: sode, mckevin, burns

I think we should go back to the cavemen days when communication was all done by yawning in various ways
Owner: kurasagi

God's all wrong
God's idea that one could rake in the dough by providing internet service with apartment complexes is real dumb, too dumb even for proper grammar. If it was a good idea it would have been done already. But, it's not, primarily because apartment complex management and ISP provision are two entirely separate business competencies. What you'll find is that apartment complexes have agreements with one or two ISP providers (normally ISP/cable/phone) deals that are exclusive to the complex and the tenants can either like it or do without. The complex has provided the service (through outsourcing) in the cheapest possible way and (by exclusivity) avoided any possibility of competition.
Owner: 2cents

we should make people accountable for their posts. this should do it.
Owner: burns

Technology Validation Consulting
We should advertise our abilities to learn shit and test it. If a company has a new technology that needs its badassness verified, they could hire us to run it through the gauntlet and report our findings. Like consumer reports or something, but for high end bitchin technology.
Owner: Sode

Apartment ISP
Find apartment complexes, buy a big bad ass connection to the Internets, and provide service to the tenants for a small fee, probably added on to their rent. Work out this deal with multiple apartment complexes, and watch the cash come in.
Owner: God

what the hell
i gotta say, i've got an awesome email address here but i see myself mentioned nowhere on your blingtastic new site. by the way - the education i've recieved on css reading this site in the last 5 minutes has been better than anything i've ever paid for. you guys really are fucking smart.
Owner: jon

i like you guys
i feel like i'm pretty smart too. how about a "these gayes think they are fucking smart too" page? or perhaps we can just go get drunk and talk about girls and beer and call it even.
Owner: deuceman

Put stuff on the site
You guys should put stuff on your site.
Owner: Will

MAN Pages
We need to add our own entries to the standard MAN pages. These will obviously pertain to the more important things in life, like women and beer. This idea prompted by a discussion with Mr. Burns...
Owner: Sode

Making Bucks
Charge people to post resumes for businesses to hire college grads...
Owner: Munns

Make Sode Smart
We need to get Sode to learn CSS
Owner: Chris W

Good Idea 2
Maybe having this open for public Submission would be a good idea?
Owner: no one

Idea Database
It would be amazing if we had a database where we could enter in all the good ideas we had whenever we got them.
Owner: Burns

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